New Years? Calendars?
  Date posted: Tue, Jan 7th, 2020

At Mercer we balance our work across three different calendars. Of first importance to us is, of course, our Academic Calendar, which begins every September and ends the following June. Courses in our School for Ministry are offered one Saturday a month during that ten month "Academic Year." Alongside that calendar is the "Church Year," which begins with the First Sunday in Advent. During three Wednesdays in Advent 2019, Canon Michael Delaney conducted a "Lunch and Learn" workshop on the three-year Lectionary Cycle, which prescribes the readings for Sunday Morning worship in the Episcopal Church. So we also need to know which of the three "Years" of the "Sunday Lectionary" Calendar (A, B, or C) is the one for our current Church Year! (It's A, by the way, for 2019-2020.) And of course there is the secular calendar or "fiscal" year. Since our Diocese conducts its business according to the calendar we know best (January to December), and since Mercer is a diocesan corporation, we pay our bills and schedule our meetings according to that calendar. The Mercer calendar to the left (above Featured Events) reconciles all of these calendars, and is a useful tool to access the various courses, programs, and events offered at the Mercer School of Theology.

Check it out: our new academic semester begins February 15. Navigate to February 2020 and find that date in the calendar. Click on the words in the box for that date; you will link to the course and registration information. Or click on Academic Program for Interested Lay People under Featured Events to register. Registration is officially open!

And keep watching this page for updates as 2020 progresses, including new "Lunch and Learn programs" for Lent and Easter!

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