Calling All Creatives for The Path

Calling All Creatives forThe Path

Building on our Diocesan wideRenewalWorks experience in 2018/19 we will launch a Diocesan wide reading ofThe Path, a selection of Bible stories and scriptures that show the arc ofGod's reaching out to restore us to the full embrace of God's love in JesusChrist.

Beginning in the Fall of 2019, reading of The Path will build ourknowledge of the Divine love, offer an intergenerational Bible experience inour churches, and increase our confidence in understanding scripture.

We would like to develop a suite of resources to offer to our parishes to deepen theirall ages/community wide experience of The Path. We're looking for people to write prayers, do exegesis, make posters, write meditations, create on-lineresources, pod-casts, plays, dances, curate existing art, create pop upchildren's events, and whatever YOU may think of to expand our understanding of God!

If you would like to join this creative team please contact Canon Claire Woodley 516-248-4800x 134.  Bring your imagination and think in, out,and around the box!

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