Godly Play Updates!

Last year several people in the diocese expressed an interest in learning more about Godly Play, a curriculum of spiritual practice exploring the mystery of God's presence in our lives. The Godly Play curriculum engages what is most exciting about religious education: God inviting us into scripture and spiritual experience.

The core training series is meant to develop storytelling skills, a key component of Godly Play lessons. Under the guidance of certified trainers, novice and veteran teachers strengthen their skills; gain a deeper understanding of child development and access larger dimensions of faith as children do, through wondering and play.

With that in mind, the Mercer School partnered with St. John's- Cold Spring Harbor and Church of the Redeemer-Astoria to provide training opportunities across the diocese. Building the circle and experiencing our faith stories in this unique way, enabled participants to embrace the rich tapestry of our shared traditions in vastly different settings. Training sessions engaged us in conversation about building connections and gave the opportunity to support and develop authentic experiences for our churches.

The success of this partnership is encouraging. All three sessions were well attended and ended with enthusiasm and an eagerness to engage in more storytelling. Thank you to our hosts at St. John's and Church of the Redeemer for their hospitality and financial support. As we move forward with this initiative, our goal is to provide a wide range of experiences across the diocese giving congregations access to the organic wonder of the Godly Play circle.

I wonder if you'll join us.

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