Parish Leader Workshops

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Eucharistic Visitor Training

This workshop will prepare those nominated by their clergy to act as Lay Eucharistic Visitors to those hospitalized, or confined to rehabilitation and nursing institutions, as well as the homebound. Content will include Eucharistic theology, role-playing for Eucharistic visits, and required SHE training. Those who participate in this workshop, with their rector/clergy-in-charge's support, can then be licensed by the Bishop's Office as Lay Eucharistic Visitors.
For registration, assure first that you are sponsored by your parish clergy, then contact Diane Muscarella at 516-248-4800, ext. 140 or

There is no fee for this event.  

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Saturday, January 12, 2018

9am - 12 noon

Racism Awareness Program (RAP)

This is a required training according to the canons of the Diocese of Long Island, Canon 4, Section III: "Education Training on Anti-Racism. All members of the clergy, and all seminarians, candidates for Holy Orders, and all employees and lay leadership of the diocese or of parishes, missions, chapels, or other diocesan units, shall attend training as approved by the Bishop, on issues of anti-racism in church and pastoral relationships."
Participants will be led from an awareness of discrimination to an understanding of racism and other forms of oppression on the personal, interpersonal, institutional and systemic levels.




This half-day workshop will focus on the responsibility and the role of the Lector in worship. Together we will explore preparation, pronunciation, projection, and the ministry of the Lector. This hands-on workshop is taught by the Rev. Michael Delaney, Canon Pastor at the Cathedral of the Incarnation and the Liturgical Coordinator for the Diocese of Long Island. 


Vestry & Wardens Day

This day will engage church Wardens and Vestry members in a lively reflection on their responsibilities as office-holders  at the church. A broadened perspective will seek to uncover new possibilities both for the local church and for those in leadership positions. The Rev. Jerry Keucher, priest-in-charge at Saint Mary's Church, Brooklyn and formerly Treasurer of
the Diocese of New York, along with Peter Robey and staff of the Diocese of Long Island Finance Office, will lead the day.
Fee: $20 including lunch. Space is very limited.
For information contact Diane Muscarella at 516-248-4800, ext. 140 or

Stewardship of Church Property

Satruday, October 13, 2018 


Location:  Mercer School of Theology

A half day workshop for Parishes in Brooklyn and Queens

This workshop will prepare wardens and clergy for the complex tasks of stewarding parish property. Content will include an overview of what it means to steward parish property, with an overview of the four key aspects of managing real property: maintenance; capital improvements; leasing; and real estate development. We will also look at setting parish goals and objectives, managing parish expectations and communications, and managing interactions with developers, vendors, general contractors and other project stakeholders.